An Environment Can Change Your Attitude

An Environment Can Change Your Attitude

Friday, May 6, 2011

Introduction Of Program

Main Activities:
  • Street and community based Outreach
  • Medical Detoxification for admitted client'se
  • Residential Program
  • Input Sessions
  • Referral as per client's status
  • Orientation and Interactions
  • Social Reintegration
  • Networking and Coordination
  • After Care Program
  • Awareness Program
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
Sub - Activities:
  • Counseling
  • Group / Work Therapy
  • Introduction of disease concept
  • Yoga / Meditation
  • Sports
  • Healthy Entertainment Therapy
  • Spiritual Development
  • Awareness Program on Drugs and HIV and AIDs through events
  • Family Meeting
We Trust....
        An Environment Can Change Our Attitude To Stay Clean....

Thursday, May 5, 2011



Recognizing that the disease of addiction affects the BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIAL-SPIRITUAL dimensions, the treatment team at Control Addiction Centre provides a treatment program that addresses all these areas.

Control Addiction Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centre is one of a Non Profit Organization. This was established in 2010. The motive of our organization is to sustain drug user for drug free life and reintegrate them in the society and to prevent HIV and Aids and other blood borne diseases.
With the five years of working experience, we came to believe that we can control our addiction to live a clean and drug free life.

Our team of highly trained, respectful, deeply committed and passionate recovery staff will gently and firmly guide our clients through their individualized goals and recovery.

We are a Clinically Managed High Intensity Residential Treatment Centre that provides 24 hr care with trained counselors and support staff. Compassionate and well trained, they are available around the clock to stabilize clients and provide support. Our counselors provide both group psycho educational and group psycho therapeutic treatment in conjunction with intensive individual therapy sessions with each of our clients.

Supported Group:

Supported group living is highly conducive to personal and social rehabilitation for people who struggle with addictive and compulsive behaviors. As participants engage in group activities and daily routines, the CA's skilled support workers are available to facilitate and enhance greater development of each client’s social boundaries and communication skills. Support workers and counselors instruct each participant in the art of healthy conflict resolution. Group members can be invaluable as mirrors of unhealed aspects of ones being. Clear and healthy personal boundaries are essential for sustaining healthy recovery. The interaction that takes place within the client community helps to establish trust, reinvigorate communication skills and allows our clients to know that they are an essential part of the whole.

Continuing Care: A major and very important factor in a clients sustained long term sobriety and overall life contentment is a solid and attainable relapse prevention recovery plan and aftercare supports.  At Control Addiction Treatment Centre we create this recover plan with our clients, to include available support within the clients own community.  We have a continuing care counselor who is dedicated to helping our clients stay on a healthy path of recovery.

The Family Support

At Control Addiction Treatment Centre we understand the importance of the support that is given to our clients by their loved ones for the benefit of client’s recovery.
We also understand the importance and need for our client’s families to secure their own support that is gained through shared information and participation in our family program which allows for their understanding and for their own healing to take place.

We understand that addiction and recovery impacts families on many levels and we provide support to families that reflect this knowledge. Our program respects the diversity that occurs in families by providing appropriate education, recovery and cultural sensitivity within the extended family. We strongly encourage all family members to take this opportunity to join us for our family Meeting. We look forward to providing you with tools that will support you as you heal, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically within your family unit while bringing greater empathy and understanding to this most challenging disease: addiction.

There is no additional fee for family members to participate in our family meeting.

 Today we have found drug addiction as a disease. It is a very huge problem of every individual, every society and country. According to Nepal, there are more than 100000 people suffering with this kind of disease. It is increasing like day by day so widely.


Drug addiction has both the physiological and psychological components. Generally the addict's body is hooked up on drug, so that the absence of drug within his body causes to suffer from physical symptoms called withdrawal. Simply the drug usage is accompanied by the psychological experiences such as the experience of high relief from various emotional pains, sense of well-being perception of enchanted functioning or even the experience of being able to regulate the impact of unpleasant reality. The addiction is not only about drug problem. It's more about mental, physical, and social problems.

               Control Addiction Centre vision towards the addiction is disease concept. The disease addiction is treatable and correctable through the principles of effective treatment of rehabilitation program.

In the progress of working on rehabilitation activities, and HIV/AIDS prevention from and among the IDUs, the control addiction has come in touch with a large number of addicts, who have expressed willingness for leaving drugs and rehabilitation but could not participate because of the cost involved in the rehabilitation process and non-cooperation by family members to share the cost and non-affordability of expensive treatment process.

 "A possitive environment can change your Attitude"
 The case is even worse for female drug user who are stigmatized and discriminated and do not want to admit the problem and face the consequences. Overall, the willingness for rehabilitation is growing in recent years because of growing awareness on HIV/AIDS in IDUS.

Our Goal:
             Contribution to prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and that of Drug use/Injecting drug use harm.


1. Prepare drug users/IDUS and families for participation in the drug treatment/Rehabilitation program.
2. Provide access to the treatment and rehabilitation of motivated drug users/Injecting drug users to re-establish them in the society.
3. Aware Stakeholder communities and agencies/Organizations on drug, drug demand reduction, issues of drug addicts and participation in drug rehabilitation program, advocate and create enabling environment for re-integration of recovering addicts in the society.
4. Establish the system and capacity for implementing the drug treatment program.

 Our Target Groups:

  •  Drug users potential for injecting practice.
  •  Spouse, parents and family members of  IDus.
  • Adolescents and youth's potential for drug use.
  •  Support agencies and Stakeholders communities.
 Target Areas:

  •  Kathmandu                                
  •  Kirtipur
  •  Lalitpur 
  • Bhaktapur

               'Disease Of Addiction'
      'We Serve You To Control Your Addiction To Live A Drug Free Life'